A.G.E: You Need To Know This Acronym

Do You Ever Get Tired Of The “Food Police”?

After All, They Are Always Changing Their Minds:

Margarine Is Good/Bad. Butter Is Good/Bad. Grains Are Good/Bad.

Meat Is Good/Bad. Red Wine Is Good/Bad. Supplements Are Good/Bad.

You Get The Picture.

Why Pay Any Attention At All?

Here Is A Compelling Reason.


2 thoughts on “A.G.E: You Need To Know This Acronym

  1. Dear David,
    I bought the EYE PRO0TECH, 180 capsules, a David’s Choice Pro-tech formula, from you for years from your Apple Health Foods Store – in person and odering through the mail.
    Is it available from you now?
    Do you have a phone # to reach you? All your phone #s from the past pI have tried and they no longer function.
    I do not like doing chats in this form.
    Thank you,
    Ethel Radmer
    104 S. Tamilynn Circle
    Cary, NC 27513

  2. Ethel,
    Our store is closed and I have a different vitamin industry job, far away from Californis. The good news is that many of the products we sold at Apple are being stocked at Yoanna,s Holistic Health Care Center in Redwood City, CA. She definitely carries Eye Pro Tech as I now buy it from her. It is not in the “David’s Choice” label, for obvious reasons, but bears the label and name of my long-time manufacturer: Eye Support Formula Plus from Global Trade Nutrients. Yoanna is a good friend. 1-800-766-0667.

    All The Best,

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