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Vitaminister University: Omega-3 Focus

For Something That Is Central To Healthy Human Biology,

There Seems To Be A Lot Of Confusion And Conflicting Information

Concerning Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Vitaminister University Will Break This Down Into Three Questions.

Please Listen To The “Lessons” In Order.


Question 1: What Is The Significance Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Question 2: Do You Need An Omega-3 Supplement?

Question 3: How Do You Choose A Superior Omega-3 Supplement?





Homeopathy: The Gentle Medicine For Pain And Inflammation

Does “Arnica Montana” Mean Anything To You?

Boiron, The World Leader In Homeopathic Remedies,

Provides A Full Range Of Topical Arnica Gels, Creams, And Ointments

And A Wide Range Of Oral, Sublingual Arnica Remedies.

Dr. Christophe Merville Tells Us How To Deal With Pain And Inflammation

Safely, Effectively, And Without Side-Effects.

Arn BTArn CrmArn GelArn Oin

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Manage Pain With Your Own Natural Endorphins

Most People Know By Now That With High-Quality And Proper Potency
Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, And MSM From Doctor’s Best,
You Can Support Healthy Joints And Cartilage Repair.
Yet Most People Don’t Realize That Pain-Killers Actually Contribute To Joint Degradation!
Valerie Hall, Nutritionist, Explains How To Use Two Natural Strategies
To Manage Discomfort While You Give The Joint-Supporting Nutrients A Chance To Work.
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