Worried About Arterial Plaque? Mother Nature Scores Again!

Only The Pharmaceutical Interests Are Still Promoting

The Cholesterol Theory Of Heart Disease.

We Should Be Concerned With The Arterial Inflammation The Leads To Plaque.

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Note: Magnesium Oxide is cheap and you can fit 400-500 mg. per cap, but it is not so well adsorbed and the most likely Magnesium to cause loose stools. My favorite is Albion Magnesium  Glycinate (Blue Bonnet, Doctor’s Best, David’s Choice). Try between 400 and 800 mg. per day in divided doses.

5 thoughts on “Worried About Arterial Plaque? Mother Nature Scores Again!

  1. This is great, David. I’ve often thought this might be the case. So thankful for your suggestions and recommendations for the right form of magnesium.
    Thanks, so very much.

  2. This is so very amazing ! I had two widow makers…died twice and was in a coma. I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate this information..it is vital and I wish that everyone could hear this. Bravo…:-)..Thank You so very much…..This all happened to me about 5 years ago..I was only 57..and the Dr. could not finish the surgery…but did get both Widow Makers corrected. Your products are incredible and the Most Influential Dr.s have told me about your website.

    Thank You , Again ..for helping to save so many lives,

    Most Sincerely…


  3. Donna,
    We need to get people to realize that we really can take care of most of our health issues ourselves…. if we actually utilize diet, lifestyle, and nutrition NOW!

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