5 thoughts on “Vitamin D3: Do We Need It? Is It Toxic?

  1. David, After listening to your interview with Dr. Joe Prendergast on D3. I have been taking 10K IU for several years with no problem. When I was tested last year my score was 149%. My Question is : what is the relationship of the D3 test results and toxicity ? I heard Dr. Joe say it’s not toxic, ( which is what I think ). And I believe you stated you take 50K IU. Please explain. I enjoy your show and Bill Sardi as well. Best regards, Joe

  2. Sorry this reply is so late! A long story…..
    The blood test is not an accurate assessment of tissue concentration which is what counts. Most doctors use a scale of 30-100 as a guide. The low number was established by noting actual symptoms of deficiency, the high number is arbitrary with no evidence of toxicity shown. Doctors who claim toxicity are often using 50,000 IU of D2 rather than D3 as this is all that most pharmacies offer (often the doctors are ignorant of this fact). If you choose to take 40,000 IU or more of D3 daily, refrain from calcium supplements.

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