His Answer- “Just Eat Real Food”.

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new_book_homeI Once Asked Dr. Ross Pelton,

“Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Paleo, Raw, Fruitarian, Mediterranean….

What Is The Best Diet Plan?”

“Just Eat Real Food” Was His Answer.

Good Advice But What Do We Mean By “Real Food”?

Author And Radio Host Kat James Offers Food For Thought.

3 thoughts on “His Answer- “Just Eat Real Food”.

  1. Bob,
    Honestly, this kind of website is what gives the supplement industry a bad name. Virtually every similar website that I have ever encountered is very similar: kernel of truth, bold claims, no documentation, go on and on and not reveal the ingredient until the end or not at all until you buy. 12 million cancer cures. Really? This has been kept a secret? I know that the medical/industrial complex likes to ignore natural things, but that is a bold claim that offers no proof.
    Otto Warburg did make an amazing discovery in the 30’s concerning cancer cells. We could define a cancer cell by the fact that it has switched from breathing oxygen to fermenting sugar. This change is triggered by the upregulation of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 (HIF-1). Inhibition of HIF-1 is certainly a strategy for preventing/fighting malignancy.
    Many natural molecules can down-regulate HIF-1, but none as dramatic as Resveratrol. An available OTC Resveratrol supplement has been proven to do this quite well: in fact, 6 times better than Resveratrol alone! You can buy this now. I have spoken about this for almost 10 years. It’s called Longevinex.
    A couple of useful links.

    A parting thought. Searching the internet is easy, researching on the internet (at least for supplement info) is almost impossible. Most of us (me included) are not conversant enough in science to research real science sites such as pubmed.gov. The rest of the time your searches will come up with the sites that have paid the most money to Google.
    As a 40 year veteran of this industry I find it curious that I am aware of most of the best products in the industry, but they never come up when consumers search the internet. Products have to work very hard to end up on independent store shelves. Lots of hoops to jump through. Companies that avoid these hoops are not usually doing so for our benefit.
    The internet is a great place to sell vitamins, but a risky place to buy them. Yes, all the good products can be found online. But all of the counterfeits, scams, spiked, over-priced, sub-standard, and over-hyped products are there as well and almost never creep into stores. Buy wisely.

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