4 thoughts on “Are The Doctors Finally Catching On?

  1. David ….. Seems to be incredibly difficult to reach you these days.

    Good thing I’m not dying of carcinalopagarigus, or some such, needing your wise words of wisdom.

    Can you get back to me so we can establish a track of communication ?

    Thanks so much.



  2. Dear Mr. Stouder,
    I was so sorry to hear you had to close your store. I had made phone purchases over the past several years on the advice of Dr. Joe Prendergast. Recently, I made a phone call to the clinic to find out he had retired? I was a patient who had not seem him in a few years due to the economic downfall and our finances. I am confused because he never let me know he was retiring. Do you know the story behind his “retirement?” I am sorry to bother you with this situation but if you do any information and wouldn’t mind filling me in I would be very grateful. I wish you much success and luck in your new endeavors.
    Thank you in advance.
    Lisa Alden

  3. Bob,
    At the moment I am overwhelmed by wrapping up things and beginning and new job. Things should normalize in September. Many folks have asked me to be available for consults which, as you know, I love to do. I will figure out how to make time in my new schedule. At Apple I was being paid and helping customers was part of my job. So I will set up an affordable fee schedule so that I can be available for folks. Just give me a bit more time.


  4. Lisa,
    A few years ago, Dr. Joe was in a car accident. He came through it quite well. There were consequences that appeared later and he opted for a quick retirement. All n all, he’s doing fine.

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