3 thoughts on “A Conversation With Dr. Reinhold Vieth

  1. This was a very good interview, but what he stated about dosing is still confusing. If, as he stated, our natural state is to receive around 80,000 iu’s a day living around the equator, then why would he recommend people take only 1-4000 iu’s a day? 4 scoops of Cardio-Solve is 20,000 iu daily. According to him, that would be overdosing.

  2. Honestly, there were so many weird and unrelated “comments” to my posts that I stopped checking. Hence the extremely late reply.
    Dr. Vieth takes 8000 IU daily. He has stated that 4000 IU is a good average which means that it is not enough for half of us. The safety of 10,000 IU is firmly established. Other than rare cases of hypercalcemia when 40,000 IU daily is taken with 500+ mg. of daily calcium supplements, toxicity has not been shown, only theorized. Dr. Joe has had stunning clinical results with 50,000 IU daily. Keep in mind that when mainstream doctors try to go over 10,000 IU, they are labeled kooks no matter the science.

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