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Shop Online With Yoanna

As Most Of You Know,

Yoanna, Of Yoanna Skin Care, Has many Of The Unique Supplements,

Including Eye Pro Tech, Cardi-Solve, And Vitamin D3

That You Used To See Under The “David’s Choice” Label.

They Are Available At Yoanna’s Holistic Health Care Center In Redwood City, CA.

And Now Online At!

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Are We Ignoring The French Paradox?

Why Do The French Consume More Fatty Foods,

Smoke Cigarettes, And Have About 75% Less Heart Attacks?

The “Culprit” Seems To Be Red Wine And Its Miracle Molecule Resveratrol!

New Reasearch Reveals The Cardio-Pre-Conditioning Effect Of Resveratrol.

No Drug Can Offer This Benefit.

Does Your Resveratrol Supplement Deliver?


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Have We Already Found What Modern Medicine Is Now Seeking?

One Of The Great Weaknesses Of “Modern Medicine” Is Its Mechanistic Approach To Health.

Looking For Drug Solutions Requires Reducing Complex Biological Issues

To Small Factors In Hopes Of Artificially Manipulating One Risk Number

In Hopes Of Influencing One Health Outcome.

What If We Already Have The Answer To Many Of These “Unsolvable” Health Issues?

What If One Remarkably Versatile Molecule Could Address All Of These Issues?


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