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Shop Online With Yoanna

As Most Of You Know,

Yoanna, Of Yoanna Skin Care, Has many Of The Unique Supplements,

Including Eye Pro Tech, Cardi-Solve, And Vitamin D3

That You Used To See Under The “David’s Choice” Label.

They Are Available At Yoanna’s Holistic Health Care Center In Redwood City, CA.

And Now Online At!

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Calcium Management And Brain Health

In Our Trepidation Concerning “Senior Moments”… Or Worse,

We Rarely Associate Calcium With Healthy Brain Function.

Yet Each Brain Cell Must Precisely Regulate Calcium Ions

Or Suffer Diminished Function… Or Worse.

Prevagen Provides A Key Calcium-Binding Protein

Essential To Brain Cell Health. You’ll Feel The Difference!


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