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Vitaminister University: Omega-3 Focus

For Something That Is Central To Healthy Human Biology,

There Seems To Be A Lot Of Confusion And Conflicting Information

Concerning Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Vitaminister University Will Break This Down Into Three Questions.

Please Listen To The “Lessons” In Order.


Question 1: What Is The Significance Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Question 2: Do You Need An Omega-3 Supplement?

Question 3: How Do You Choose A Superior Omega-3 Supplement?





JAMA Declares Fish Oil Supplements Useless (A Teachable Moment)

JAMA: The Journal Of The American Medical Association.

Considered To Be One Of The Most Authoritative Sources Of Medical Science.

JAMA Tells Us That Fish Oil Supplements Made No Impact On Brain Health.

This Announcement Uses A Typical Template To Diminish Dietary Supplements:

“Earlier Preliminary Science Pointed To Suspected Benefits For ____________.

However, Now We Have Done More Definitive Studies And ________ Has Shown No Benefit.

_________ Does Have Benefits If Gotten From Food But, Once Again, Supplements Come Up Short.”

Now Let’s Get To This Particular Study As It Suffers From The Same Flaw That Most Of These “Supplement Comes Up Short” Studies.

Imagine This Headline: “Regular Exercise Shows No Benefit.”

What Would You Think When You Found Out That The Study Was Done On People Who Exercised….. One Hour Per Month!?

In Other Words, Too Little To Do Any Good.

The Fish Oil Study Was On People In Their 70’s And They Were Given The Amount Of Omega-3 That Doctors Typically Recommend: 1 Gram.

I Have Often Told You On Many Occasions That Studies Clearly Show That,

While 1 Gram Daily For A Lifetime May Confer Benefit,

It Takes 3-8 Grams (1-2 TBS) To Actually Improve Anything.

Anyone Who Knows Fish Oil Wouldn’t Expect Just 1 Gram To Make A Big Difference In Seniors.

Another Important Point That Must Be Made Is That The Quality Of The Supplement, Fish Oil Especially, Makes All The Difference In The World.

Does It Surprise You That These “Top Medical Researchers” Who Don’t Seem To Understand Potency Don’t Understand True quality As Well?

Prescription Fish Oil, And Many OTC Products, Are Concentrated Into What Is Called An Ethyl Ester.

Ethyl Esters Are Not Found In Fish. The Natural Form Of Omega-3 Is A Triglyceride Form.

Here Is Where We Give Kudos To Nordic Naturals Who Goes The Extra Mile To Put There Concentrated Fish Oil Back Into A Natural Triglyceride Form.

This Process Just Adds To The Superior Freshness And Purity For Which Nordic Naturals Is Well Known.

Nordic Naturals Appears To Cost More, But Nordic Naturals Is Clearly The Best Value When You Consider Efficacy.

This Claim Is Not Marketing Hype.

Please Read The Study Below And Make A Good Decision The Next Time You Buy Fish Oil.

ComparatorStudy-0814C_Page_1 ComparatorStudy-0814C_Page_2 ComparatorStudy-0814C_Page_3 ComparatorStudy-0814C_Page_4

Calcium Management And Brain Health

In Our Trepidation Concerning “Senior Moments”… Or Worse,

We Rarely Associate Calcium With Healthy Brain Function.

Yet Each Brain Cell Must Precisely Regulate Calcium Ions

Or Suffer Diminished Function… Or Worse.

Prevagen Provides A Key Calcium-Binding Protein

Essential To Brain Cell Health. You’ll Feel The Difference!


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