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Whatever Happened To Candida Yeast?

Evidence Keeps Mounting That Maintaing A Healthy Gut Environment

Is A Crucial Strategy For Virtually Every Health Challenge:

Immune Health, Mood Health, Cardiovascular Health, And Weight Management.

The Common Parasite, Candida Albacans, Is Behind Much Of Our Gut Dysbiosis.

What Probiotic Really Does The Job?

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Pop Quiz! What Creates A Healthy Heart: Drugs Or Nutrients?

In His New Book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” With Co-Author Jonny Bowden,

Dr. Stephen Sinatra Puts The Final Nail In The Coffin Of

The “Cholesterol-Causes-Heart-Disease-Myth”.

Nutritionist Valerie Hall Explains The Key Heart-Healthy Nutrients

And Doctor’s Best Ensures Your Ability To Get The Right Product,

The Right Potency, And Unquestioned Quality!

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Saving Her Dad From Modern Medicine

Carol Has A Wonderful Story About Her Dad.

It Illustrates Many Important Themes That Drive This Radio Show.

I Would Urge Everyone To Hear This And Take The Time

To Seriously Ponder All Of The Implications!

Also, Those Of You Who Have Auto-Immune Conditions And Are Fearful Of Proper-Dose Vitamin D3,

Have You Really Paid Attention To The Ads For Humira®?


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