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Powerful Immune Duo For Seasonal Health

Ask Any Natural Health Expert To Tell You The Top 6 Immune Supporting Supplements,

And You Will Certainly Find Probiotics And Chinese Tonic Mushrooms.

Health Aid America Offers You Exceptional Formulas In Both Categories

Just In Time For The “Cold And Flu” Season.

Stay Health All Year Long With ImmuProbio And Mushroom Tonic Spray!



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WARNING! The FDA Is On The Attack

While We’re Always On Guard For Congressional Shenanigans Against Dietary Supplements,

This Time, There’s Big Trouble Brewing.

Despite The Fact That Dietary Supplements Are Indisputably Safer Than Medications,

And The Food Supply,

The FDA Has Just Written A Proposal That Could Result In The Removal

Of Over 50% Of What Is Now Available… And The Doubling Or Tripling Of The Prices Of What’s Left.

Tune In To Find Out What’s Going On, What Live Callers Think About That And Other Topics

And What You Can Do To Help Prevent This Destructive Regulation.

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Energy, Stamina, And Immune Strength

Vibrant Health Is A Homeostasis Of All Of Our Biological Systems.

These Systems Are Interdependent And Need A Consistent Supply

Of Cellular Energy To Avoid Degeneration And Unhealthy Aging.

HealthAid America Brings Us Cutting-Edge Formulas From Europe

That Will Put Mother Nature On Your Side To Support Your Ability

To Maintain Energy And Resist The Negative Effects Of Stress.


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