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Foundational Nutrition: Essential Fatty Acids and Probiotics

At First Glance, These Two Constituents May Seem Unrelated.

Most Nutritional Experts Would Concur That Allowing Compromised Status

Of Your Essential Fatty Acids And/Or Probiotics Sets The Stage

For Virtually All Degenerative Conditions.

Maintaining Positive Status Will Have Equally Dramatic Effects…

In The “Healthy Aging” Direction.

Alberto Trujillo, Educator For Flora Inc., Shows How Ground-Breaking Formulas

Inspired By Udo Erasamus Provide The Nutritional Solutions.

Udo OilUdo Probio

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Can Rene Caisse’s Tea Boost The Immune System And Detoxify The Body?

In The Early 1900’s, A Canadian Nurse Was Given An Herbal Tea Recipe

From The Ojibway Indians.

This Tea’s Legendary Healing Properties Made Nurse Rene Caisse (Reen Case)

Famous As A Healing Angel And Infamous As A “Snake Oil” Puveyor.

Before She Passed, She Worked With JFK’s Physician And Perfected The Formula.

Flora Brings Us This Historic Product: Flor-Essence.


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Safe, Effective, Clinically Proven Products That Provide Hormonal Balance For Women And Men

Two Incredible Products, One For Men And One For Women

From A Company That’s Been Around For Nearly One Hundred Years!

Flora Inc.  Brings You The Best, Most Researched Products And Ingredients From All Over The World

One Product That Helps With Menopausal And PMS Symptoms For Women

Another That Works For Frequent Urination And Libido Issues With Men

The Incredible Hand-Picked, Hypoallergenic Flower Nutrients That Support The, Entire, Hormonal System

Both With Over Ten Years Of Research And Clinically Proven Results

And You Only Have To Take One To Two Pills A Day

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