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Detox: What Does It Mean And What Should We Do?

Most Doctors Roll Their Eyes When We Ask About Detoxification.

What Would We Expect From Folks Who Prescribe Daily Toxins To Millions Of People?

Are We Toxic? How Would We Know? What Methods Really Work?

Let’s Ask Author And Nutritionist Martie Whittekin.


Holiday Stress Is On The Way: Be Prepared

Most Of Us Do Not Need The Holidays To Add To Our Stress…

We Have All Learned To Operate With Too Much Stress As It Is!

Stress Is Often Referred To As “The Silent Killer”

Because It Results In Slow Deterioration Over Time…

Except For Those Who Are Wise Enough To Avail Themselves

Of Mother Nature’s Natural Stress Protectors.

All The Best From Doctor’s Best!

DRB MagSAM-eSun TheaD3 5Lithium

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Vitamin C Breakthrough

Vitamin C Has So Many Important Functions That Support Our Biological Integrity

That We Often Overlook The Fact The We Humans Lost Our Genetic Capacity

To Manufacture Our Own Vitamin C.

Even Excellent Diets Will Not Provide The Amounts We Need For Optimum Health.

Research Suggests That We Have To Take 5000 mg…. Or More!

Purity Product’s Ultimate Super C Formula To The Rescue.

Ult C

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