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Glycation And Unhealthy Aging

Most Of Us Have Heard Of Free Radical Damage.

Free Radicals Are Unstable Molecules That Disrupt And Damage Other Cells.

Free Radicals Can Come From Environmental Toxins

And Are Generated Internally By Our Own Biological Processes.

Glycation Is The Worst Kind Of Free Radical Damage And,

Trust Me, It Effects Us All.

Martie Whittekin Will Give Us All Of The Details.



What Can We Learn From Mom

Over The Last Year And A Half, I Watched My Mother Pass.

She Didn’t Have Cancer, Heart Disease, Or Some Fatal Malady.

There Is A Lesson Here For Us All.

Martie Whittekin And I Share20130513_125053-2 A Memorial Teachable Moment.

Ohhira BannerMW

Are Risk Numbers Risky?

How Do You Define “Being Healthy”?

How About This?:

Manipulating Risk Numbers With Daily Synthetic Toxins.

Sounds Silly, Doesn’t It?

Yet That Is The Backbone Of Modern Medicine.

I Highly Recommend Reading The Book Pictured Below

And Then Clicking The Link To Listen To My Commentary.51zd77tp9l-_sy346_