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Are Risk Numbers Risky?

How Do You Define “Being Healthy”?

How About This?:

Manipulating Risk Numbers With Daily Synthetic Toxins.

Sounds Silly, Doesn’t It?

Yet That Is The Backbone Of Modern Medicine.

I Highly Recommend Reading The Book Pictured Below

And Then Clicking The Link To Listen To My Commentary.51zd77tp9l-_sy346_

JAMA Admits That Cholesterol Drugs Virtually Worthless At Preventing Heart Attacks!

So Where Are The Headlines? Where Is The Wall-To-Wall Talk-Show Coverage?

Its Important That You Hear This Admission As It Will Not Be Publicized.

But I Would Like To Point Out That This Is What We’ve Been Telling You For A Decade!

Once Again, We Were Right And “They” Were Wrong.

How About You? Did You Fall For The Cholesterol Scam?

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