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Health Is Cellular: So Is Detoxification

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When Someone Brings Up The Idea Of Doing A Detox,

What Comes To Mind?

Most Of Us Think Of Elimination And Colon Cleansing.

There Is A Deeper Level.


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Crop Dusting Your Gut

Since We Can’t See Pesticides, They Are Easy To Ignore.

When We Se One Of Those Crop Dusting Planes In Action,

We Have A Series Of Uncomfortable Thoughts And, Just Maybe,

We Make A Commitment To Buy Organic.

So Ponder This: If All Those...Read More »

Music And Microbes


The Media Loves To Cast Doubts On The Quality Of Dietary Supplements.

How Do We Know What Really Goes Into The Products On Which We Depend?

Martie Whittekin  Has Been To Japan And Toured The Plant

Where Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Has Grown.

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Sweet On The Tongue, Tough On The Tummy

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Sugar: Our Fearless Addiction.

No Matter What Consequences Are Discovered,

We Press On To Satisfy Our Sweet Tooth.

We At The Vitamin Shelf Will Be As Fearless In Pointing Out The Dangers

That Sugar Can Cause Through It’s Impact On Our Digestion.

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No Holiday For Your Gut


We Look Forward To The Many Joys Of The Holiday Season.

Yet Even At It’s Best, Holidays Bring Extra Stress And

Plenty Of Opportunities For Over-Indulgence.

Much Of The Consequences End Up In The Digestive System.

Marti Whittekin Has Some Timely Advice.

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Sugar: Fuel For The Fire

The Microbiome Is Dynamically Intertwined With All Aspects Of Health.

Lifestyle Choices That We Know To Be Healthy

Positively Effect Our Bacterial Colony: And The Reverse Is True.

In This Context, How Shall We Understand Sugar?

Martie Whittekin Brings This Into Focus.

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Glycation And Unhealthy Aging


Most Of Us Have Heard Of Free Radical Damage.

Free Radicals Are Unstable Molecules That Disrupt And Damage Other Cells.

Free Radicals Can Come From Environmental Toxins

And Are Generated Internally By Our Own Biological Processes.

Glycation Is The Worst Kind Of Free Radical...Read More »

The Many Masks Of Sugar

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Many Argue That Too Much Sugar Is Devastating To Health.

Few Disagree, But How Much Is Too Much?

And Does Sugar Only Come From The Sugar Bowl?

Your Sweet Tooth Won’t Like This Interview.


Immunity And The Master Antioxidant

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Many Experts Feel That The Optimization Of Glutathione Status

Is A Key Strategy For Healthy Aging.

This Is Why The Availability Of A Probiotic “Glutathione Factory”,

Reg Active With ME3,  Is A Real Game Changer.

This Affordable, One-Per-Day Supplement Is Clearly A Top Ten...Read More »

'Tis The Season

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Winter Weather. Seasonal Change. Back To School.

Holiday Stress. Overindulgence. Air Travel.

We Can Call It Cold And Flu Season.

Martie Whittekin Has Been Talking To Mother Nature,

And She Brings Us Some Advice.


What Can We Learn From Mom

Over The Last Year And A Half, I Watched My Mother Pass.

She Didn’t Have Cancer, Heart Disease, Or Some Fatal Malady.

There Is A Lesson Here For Us All.

Martie Whittekin And I Share A Memorial Teachable Moment.

Glutathione: The Probiotic Solution

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Two Powerful, Foundational Biological Systems

That We Ignore At Our Peril:

Microbiome Integrity And Glutathione Production.

Is Anyone Surprised That These Two Intersect In A Breakthrough Probiotic Strain:


If You Are A Bit Curious,

Click Below The Pictures To Hear The...Read More »

Your Microbiome: Not Just Probiotics

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated, But Its Microscopic Units

Mask The Enormity Of The Subject Matter.

The Microbiome Is More Than Just Probiotics.

Let’s Get Started By Discussing Pre-Biotics With

Author, Radio Talk-Show Host, And C.C.N. Martie Wittekin.

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Are Risk Numbers Risky?

How Do You Define “Being Healthy”?

How About This?:

Manipulating Risk Numbers With Daily Synthetic Toxins.

Sounds Silly, Doesn’t It?

Yet That Is The Backbone Of Modern Medicine.

I Highly Recommend Reading The Book Pictured Below

And Then Clicking The Link To...Read More »

Taking Care Of Trillions Of Pets

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“Trillions Of Pets” Sounds Very Unmanageable.

We Also Hear The Comment That Some People Take Better Care Of Their Pets

Than They Take Care Of Themselves.

And It Is In That Spirit That I Ask You To Please

Take Care Of Your Microbiome.

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Probiotics: Looking For Diversity On The Label

When Choosing A Probiotic Supplement, Label Reading Is A Must!

We Can Easily See How Many “Billions”.

We Can Easily See How Many “Strains”.

The Most Important Factor Is The Strength In The Diversity Of The Colony.

Where Do We Find That On The...Read More »

Vitaminister University: Omega-3 Focus

For Something That Is Central To Healthy Human Biology,

There Seems To Be A Lot Of Confusion And Conflicting Information

Concerning Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Vitaminister University Will Break This Down Into Three Questions.

Please Listen To The “Lessons” In Order.


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Bacterial Diversity

After It Was Identified, Many Benefits Were Ascribed To Beta Carotene.

Soon We Discovered That These Benefits Emerged From A Diverse Family Of Carotenoids.

I Can Recall A Time Where People Would Come Into A Health Food Store

And Simply Ask For An “Acidophilus Supplement”.

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Bio-geddon: Hype Or Horror?

There Is No End To Various Predictions Of Disaster, Turmoil,

Famine, Nuclear Accidents, Drought, Economic Crash…. I Could Go On.

Gratefully, Only A Few Of These Dire Future Scenarios Ever Materialize.

So Here Is My Dilemma:

I Have Been Reading An Increasing Number Of...Read More »

Are Our Immune Systems Getting Weaker... Why?

Whether You Want To Compile Some Statistics

Or Just Think Back To “How Things Were” 20 Years Ago.

Allergies, Asthma, Food Intolerance, Skin Problems, Increased Susceptibility To Colds/ Flu/ Infection, Auto-Immune Conditions: All On The Rise.

Let’s Ask Martie Whittekin, Author Of “The Probiotic Cure”,...Read More »

Keep Safe While Traveling

Whether You Are Traveling To Your Home Town,

Or To Another Continent,

You Will Encounter Unexpected Immune Challenges.

What Can We Do To Protect Ourselves?

Martie Whittekin, Author Of “The Probiotic Cure”, Weighs In.


The Internet: A Great Place To Sell Vitamins, A Risky Place To Buy

Often Convenient, Sometimes Less Expensive, I Often Purchase From The Internet:

But Never Something I Would Consume!

When I Do Buy Supplements Online, It Is Always From A Store I Know And Trust.


Glutathione And Weight Loss: Any Connection?

Maintaining A Healthy Weight Is A Battle Fought On Many Fronts.

Many Supplements Are Marketed As A “Magic Bullet”.

While This Is Unrealistic, Supplements Can Help In Our Efforts.

Glutathione Is Rightly Called The “Master Antioxidant”.

Let’s Ask Martie Whittekin If There Is A...Read More »

Beta Glucan: Do The Supplements Live Up To Expectations

In All My Years In Natural Foods Retail,

I Read Phenomenal Things About Beta Glucans.

The Phytonutrients Are Responsible For Many Of The Benefits Associated With

Medicinal Mushrooms And Other Superfoods.

Truthfully, I Never Ran Across A Product That Performed As Advertised…

Until...Read More »

Are Supplement Advocates "Science-Deniers"?

How Many Times Have I Heard “Where Is The Science?”

When Discussing Nutritional Supplements.

The Battle Lines Run Deep As Both Sides Assure Us That Science Is On Their Side.

Someone Is In Denial. Who Is It?


Glutathione: The Master Detoxifier?

Glutathione Is Clearly The Master Antioxidant.

Effective Glutathione Suuplementation Has Been Elusive:

Expensive, Ineffective… Or Both.

Reg Active From Essential Formulas Has Changed All That

With The Unique Probiotic Known As ME-3!

Know That We Can Increase Our Glutathione, What Is Its Role...Read More »

Detox: What Does It Mean And What Should We Do?

Most Doctors Roll Their Eyes When We Ask About Detoxification.

What Would We Expect From Folks Who Prescribe Daily Toxins To Millions Of People?

Are We Toxic? How Would We Know? What Methods Really Work?

Let’s Ask Author And Nutritionist Martie Whittekin.

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What's Happening To Our Kidneys?

Kidney Disease Is A Widespread Problem

And A Major Complication Of, And Contributor To, Ill Health.

Many Of You Have Asked Me To Comment.


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The Probiotic Cure

Research On Probiotics Is Exploding

And The Health Implications Are Explosive.

“The Probiotic Cure” By Martie Whittekin

Is A Must-Read!


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Bacteria Fronteria

Probiotics Are Becoming More Widely Known- Almost Mainstream.

As Broad As This Topic Is, The Whole Universe Of Microbial Activity

Remains Simultaneously Undiscussed, And Vitally Important To Our Health.

Nutritionist And Author, Martie Whittekin, Puts It All In Perspective.


Are "Sheeple" The Ones With The Wool Over Their Eyes?

I Had A Bit Of An Eureka Moment

And I Wanted To Share It

Just On The Chance That I Can Save

One More Person From Getting Sheared.

 NOTE: Having...Read More »

The 4th Largest Pharmaceutical Co. On The Planet Doesn't Make Drugs

It Sounds Strange Doesn’t It?

Remember, The Term “Drug” Is Defined By How Something Is Used

Rather Than What It Intrinsically Is.

Garlic Is A Food; Unless It Is Used To Treat High Blood Pressure.

Magically, Garlic Becomes A Drug.

This Flawed Logic...Read More »

50+ Billion, 50+ Strains: What Is A Complete Probiotic?

We All Should Realize By Now That It Would Be Best To Take A Daily Probiotic Supplement.

An Inferior Supplement Would Just Be A Waste Of Money.

Efficacy Depends On A Complete Approach.

Listen To Martie Whitekin Give Us Some Pointers.

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'Tis The Season?


Is It Just Me, Or Does “Cold And Flu” Season

Last All Year Long?

More Importantly, What Should We Be Doing To Stay Well?

Let’s Ask Author And Nutritionist, Martie Whittekin.


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Why Do They Assume That We are So Foolish?

Big Pharma And Our Complicit Government Are Aggressive

In Silencing The Voices That Promote Mother Nature

To Protect You From Quackery.

Why Do They Think That We Are So Vulnerable?


Regularity: What Is Normal?


More Importantly, Is “Normal” Healthy?

I Read Once That The Greeting “How Are You?” Was Shortened From

“How Are Your Bowels ?”

The Point Was That Regularity Was Looked Upon

As A Primary Sign Of Good Health.

What Does Your “Road Sign” Say?

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Glutathione Supplements: My Take

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People Often Ask Me What I Consider My Top Three Supplements.

There Are So Many Wonderful And Important Supplements Available

That It’s Almost An Injustice To Narrow Them Down To Three.

My Primary Criteria Would Be The Top Three Supplements

That Provide The Broadest...Read More »

Don't Let The Fire Go Out

Think Of It This Way:

You’re Making Some Oatmeal. You Put Water In The Pan And Turn On The Heat.

You Happen To Touch The Electric Burner And It Burns Your Hand.

Because Of The Pain, You Turn Off The Burner And Stir Your Oats...Read More »

A.G.E: You Need To Know This Acronym

Do You Ever Get Tired Of The “Food Police”?

After All, They Are Always Changing Their Minds:

Margarine Is Good/Bad. Butter Is Good/Bad. Grains Are Good/Bad.

Meat Is Good/Bad. Red Wine Is Good/Bad. Supplements Are Good/Bad.

You Get The Picture.

Why Pay Any...Read More »

More Evidence On Our Favorite Dietary Poison.


It Was Only A Few Years Ago That I Read An Article About

A San Francisco Doctor/PhD.  Studying The Effects Of This Popular Substance

On Aging On Longevity.

What She Found Shocked Her Into Immediately Removing It From Her Diet.

Martie Whittekin Brings Us...Read More »

Dumber Than Dirt

Are We “Dumber Than Dirt” Or “Sage As Soil”?

The Concept Of Soil Restoration

Has Everything To Do With Probiotics

And Contains A Powerful Metaphor For Achieving Vibrant Health.


Anti-Aging: Buzz-Word Or Breakthrough

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If You Search For “Anti-Aging” On The Internet,

You Will Find A Multitude Of “Miracle Supplements”.

If Asked A Legitimate Researcher,

What Would You Find?


His Answer- "Just Eat Real Food".

Dr O

I Once Asked Dr. Ross Pelton,

“Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Paleo, Raw, Fruitarian, Mediterranean….

What Is The Best Diet Plan?”

“Just Eat Real Food” Was His Answer.

Good Advice But What Do We Mean By “Real Food”?

Author And Radio...Read More »

Nature's Glutathione Factory?

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Glutathione, The Master Anti-Oxidant, Is Responsible

For An Astounding Range Of Health Benefits.

Supplementation Is Expensive With Dubious Efficacy.

A Breakthrough Probiotic May Be Your Own Personal

Glutathione Factory.

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Fat Free Or Fat Freedom?


Has Anyone Else Noticed That As We Follow The Advice

Of Medical Experts And Dieticians,

We Still End Up Unhealthy And Broke?

Does Fat Make Us Fat? Does Low-Fat Make Us Healthy.

Transformational Expert Kat James Sets Us Straight.

Are The Doctors Finally Catching On?


How Many Years Have We Been Telling You About

The Fundamental Importance Of Probiotics

To All Aspects Of Health.

Martie Whittekin Reports Back From A Symposium On

The Human Microbiome!

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Too Many Of Us Are Still Overlooking This Critical Health Issue.


I Have Spent A Lot Of Time And Effort Hoping To Convince Everyone

The Importance Of Maintaining Probiotic Health.

Dr Ross Pelton Is The Man For The Job.

We Have A Series Of Upcoming Interviews. You Don’t Want To Miss Them!

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Medicine Men Radio: Now At The Vitamin Shelf

MM Promo

Dr John Nieters, Doctor Of Acupuncture An Oriental Medicine,

And Dave Stouder, Well-Seasoned Supplement Advocate

Found Themselves Simpatico On When It Comes To The Real Meaning Of Health-

And The Best Ways To Achieve It!

This Rapport Can Only Be Because They Are Both...Read More »

Have A Heart Health Radio: Episode 58


One Of The Most Brilliant An Original Thinkers

In The Field Of Natural Health Today

Is Investigative Health Journalist, Bill Sardi.

Sardi Is The Author Of Numerous Books, Extensive Reports,

(Check Out Lew Rockwell,  Knowledge Of Health, And Read More »

Doctor's Ignorance Of Vitamin D3 Increases Dementia Risk

Those Of You Who Are Savvy Enough To Be Taking

At Least 10,000 IU Of Vitamin D3 Daily Can Breathe A Little Easier.

Are The Rest Of You Comfortable Doubling Your Risk Of Dementia

Waiting For Your Doctor To Catch-Up?

Download (PDF,...Read More »

Smelling Flatulence Fights Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease?!?!?!


I Know…. It’s An Attention Getting Title.

But The Entire Story Is Well Worth Hearing.

Download (PDF, 64KB)

Click the play button to listen to the show

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Do Probiotics Affect Weight Loss/Gain?


They Give Antibiotics To Cows To Cause Them To Gain Weight.


Dr. Oz Was Talking About One Specific Probiotic Species To Help Lose Weight.


Let’s Ask Certified Nutritionist Martie Whittekin.

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