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Respiratory Relief From ManukaGuard!

Tea Tree Oil Has Been Referred To As “A Medicine Chest In A Bottle”.

It Now Looks As Though Medical Grade Manuka Honey (From The Tea Tree Bush)

Truly Deserves The Above Title!

ManukaGuard Medical Grade Manuka Honey Has Phenomenal Topical Properties.

Nutralize (M.G. Manuka Honey And Vinegar) Is Apple’s Number One Reflux Solution.

Introducing ManukaGuard’s Newest Formula: Throat And Chest!


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Resveratrol: Is There A Scientific Cover-Up?

There Are Plenty Of Examples That Show That Pharmaceutical Companies

Go To Great Lengths, Even Break The Law, To Protect Their Economic Interests.

How Would You Expect Them To React When Faced With A Natural Molecule

That Could Replace So Many Drugs And Give People A Long And Healthy Life?

Everyone Should Be Appalled, No One Should Be Surprised.


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