Jaw-Dropping Announcement!!! (I Told You So)

For A Solid Decade I Have Watched People Harm Their Health

With Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Diets And Cholesterol Drugs.

This Is Much Bigger Than “I Told You So”.

The Government Is Officially Moving Away From The “Cholesterol Theory Of Heart Disease”.

They Will Do So In Stages Making It Appear As If This Is An Evolution In Medical Research-

Instead Of Admitting That They Have Been Wrong For 40 Years!

Statin Drugs Are Essentially Useless Except For One Thing:

Making Money For Drug Companies.

Over And Over Again Our Advice Has Been Vindicated But Too Many Of You Are Still Afraid To Go Against Your Doctor’s Recommendations.

I Don’t Want You To Feel Foolish. I Want You To Wise Up!

Download (PDF, 46KB)